Eyes – more than a mirror to a soul

Pasirodo akys ne tik sielos veidrodis. Žvilgsnis į akis netrukus padės įvertinti diabeto sukeltus nervų pažeidimus.



My plant pet

Mano rausvasis augintinis, kuriuo didžiuojuosi

Išauginau iš lapo


Thanksgiving abroad and pumpkin pie (vegan of course)

Thanksgiving is not a common holliday in my country, however, one of my friends was born in USA, so she is keen on the celebration. Thinking of her I decided to bake a pumpkin pie. Hope she liked it (I liked it for sure).

So, basically, I followed this recipe, except that my crust is not without gluten since nor I neither my friend are allergic to it.  Also, I used coconut butter for my vegan butter. I added pumpkin spice into the crust just to make it more “authentic”. I also made my pumpkin puree (from a HUGE, i tell you, huge pumpkin we have..I guess I should think what else I could do with it) since there is no such thing in our stores. I didn’t use coconut milk. Instead I used organic soya milk. And I didn’t find it necessary to put all those thickening agents into the filling. As you can see from the photo, it is firm just with cashew cream and one tablespoon of corn starch. Well, I guess that’s all the changes I made.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My love – the CAT

New film (LOL):